Reading without Glasses by Mike Smith

Reading  Without Glasses It’s been a long time since I last updated this site but something happened the other day that made me think perhaps it will be of value to all those in a similar situation to mine. I’ve been treated for Glaucoma over the last three years; not too bad, two types of […]

My Eyes Are Not Working Together

My eyes are not working together   For a few weeks now, my eyes are not working together. I try to focus on things with both  eyes but the right eye seems like its crosses over some of the times. When I try to observe things like reading on the computer or reading a book, […]

To Improve My Vision for better seeing

  To Improve My Vision for better seeing Every couple of years I have my eyes tested to update my reading glasses. On a recent visit, the optician was concerned by the pressure test (that’s where they put a squirt of air into the eye using a Tonometer that records the eye pressure). The optometrist was […]

Diabetes Eyes and Diet

  Diabetes Eyes and Diet Aging is believed to have a negative effect on the body. As we age the amount of new cells generated, decreases and our bodies begin to deteriorate. We don’t like it and most of us would like to slow the aging process, but accept it as inevitable – something we […]

How Vision Without Glasses Can Help You

How Vision Without Glasses Can Help You                 Millions of people have poor eyesight throughout the world, and a majority of them are prescribed contact lenses or glasses in order to remedy the problem. However, what if there was a way to achieve perfect vision without glasses? What if you could have better eye […]

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